National Science Library

The National Science Library provides Canada’s innovation community with tools and services to access NRC and other Canadian research to support their discovery, innovation and commercialization activities.

Coming soon

Over the next six months, additional content and information resources will be made available to you from seven federal science libraries who have partnered to establish a Federal Science Library portal. This new portal will enable you to search the print collections and repositories of these libraries through a single point of entry.

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  • DataCite Canada

    A data registration service that provides Canadian data centres and libraries with a mechanism for registering research data and assigning digital object identifiers (DOIs) to them. These identifiers allow research data to be findable, citable and accessible for replication and further use.

  • DOCLINE in Canada

    An online interlibrary loan routing and messaging system for health sciences information. DOCLINE encourages resource sharing among libraries with collections in the health sciences.

  • PubMed Central Canada

    A free on-line archive of published, peer-reviewed health and life sciences research that allows users to quickly and easily search and download the latest health research papers.

  • NRC Archives

    The NRC Archives provides a comprehensive reference service to those interested in learning more about the development of scientific research at the NRC and about the history of science in Canada. Search the Archives using the National Science Library Catalogue. Contact: